Who I am
Who is Amelie Belfort?

Hi, I’m Amélie (with an accent on the e!), a life coach, a yoga teacher and an enthusiastic life lover dedicated to making happiness and alignment accessible to all.

I am an only child and as such, I spent countless hours being alone and bored while growing up. I used this time to read, create stories in my head, wonder a lot and do some soul-searching.

A bit later, as a student, these questions got bigger and I battled anxiety and depression because nothing made a lot of sense: why was I here? What was the purpose of life? Who was I? What was I supposed to do with my life? Why was I not happy? And what is happiness?

And because I couldn’t stand being miserable for too long, I started searching for answers.

For 10 years, I have been obsessed with psychology, personal development theories, faraway soul-searching travels, life altering experiences. I developed an interest for the non visible realm, reiki, crystals, shamans, astrology, how the Universe works and the law of Attraction…

And I fine tuned what worked best for me. I became a vegan (not very popular in my culture), started practicing yoga and hired a coach. And at every step on this road, I experienced radical transformation. From the inside out.

Suddenly I was not this introvert girl anymore, I was this ball of light and energy, always up for a good laugh, for this DEEP conversation about life. I became the happy person at work, among my friends, in life, the advice giver and the shoulder to cry on.

And I realized that my life was not mine to follow some predetermined rules but to live full-out, with purpose and generosity. So I made unpopular choices, I aligned with my deepest needs and values and now I’m here to help you do the same.



So yeah, I teach yoga, I coach people and I organise retreats but embracing the whole of who I am, I’m a whole lot more than this. Here is a snippet:

  • My top 3 values are: alignment, compassion and integrity
  • If you wanna get my attention, try saying the words “Universe” or “Attraction” and see what happens
  • I’m in love with the feeling of hot water on my skin on a chilled night (outdoor jacuzzi anyone?)
  • You could call me the rescuer of all lost causes when it comes to animals and you wouldn’t be wrong (yes I also care about spiders and centipedes)
  • I hate being down so most days I slam doors open and start a lil victory dance in any odd corridor. It does produce an effect
  • I’m a night owl, creative stuff happens with the moon
  • I still sleep with my baby pillow
  • Fucking hell, cursing is so liberating, why should I not?
  • I dream of having a real tiny house, on wheels, so I can move around with it
  • A lot of people call me weird. I kinda like it
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