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Is soul coaching for me?

Soul coaching is for you if…

You may be feeling:

  • stuck, because your dreamed life is not reflected into your current situation (ie. a yucky job, a non satisfactory relationship, life doesn’t feel expansive)
  • lonely and/or feeling not supported in the transition towards your goals
  • confused about the next step to take
  • not sure about your overall direction
  • really ready to make a contribution to the world or the community without knowing how

You are:

  • quirky and passionate
  • willing to reconnect to your talents and spiritual gifts
  • yearning to transition from a conventional life to your dream life
  • light up when you hear buzz words such as “Law of attraction”, “healing”, “soul purpose” or “energy work”
  • heart driven
  • looking for someone to hold your hand though a transition process
  • ready to transform, evolve and do whatever it takes to be your best self and live your best life
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